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Fibre to the Home Connectivity

Regional Optical Network Looped Unfiltered Route-Optimized Connectivity

What is fibre optic technology? A fibre optic cable is made from flexible, transparent fibres of glass that are slightly thicker than a strand of hair. These fibres transmit data as pulses of light, which allows large amounts of information to be sent to your home or business at close to the speed of light.

Dedicated / Point-to-Point Connections

UnmeteredFibre volume purchases (at our standards) Dedicated Connection(s) between your location to our regional network partner for routing to the Internet. Service features and options different from what the local public utility sells to retail markets.
High Quality Home, Business and Enterprise Internet Connectivity

New Installation $100   |   Transfer from Other Fibre-Optic Provider 0

Husky 15

Per Month

  • Intended for 1-4 User Locations
  • Light Household or Office Use
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Lion 25

Per Month

  • Intended for 2-10 User Locations
  • General Household or Office Use
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Eagle 50

Per Month

  • Intended for 5-15 User Locations
  • Heavy Streaming and Uploading
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Leopard 100

Per Month

  • Intended for 10-50 User Locations
  • Heavy Streaming including Offsite CCTV
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Falcon 150

Per Month

  • Intended for 30+ User Locations
  • Serious Internet for Serious People
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UNMETERED.IO orders services slightly over provisioned compensating for any tunnel and/or protocol overhead allowing you to order only exactly what you want & need. With a handful convenient service packages to choose from : we don't want you to order more than you need

Comparison with Local Providers

With dozens of Internet Service Providers in the marketplace : not all are the same!

Most Popular UNMETERED

Local Telephone Co.
Mainstream / Retail

Local Fiber Network
Mainstream / Economy
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