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There are no hidden fees, no surprise charges and no taxes added on to the advertised price at time of payment : what you see is what you should be expecting to pay for years to come. The charges are simply the installation cost, the flat recurring rate and whatever your modem and/or wifi router costs you. You must use one of the listed make/model modems in order to be compatible with the carrier. For Cable : Static IPs & Subnets assigned via L2TP, IPv4 addresses assigned via DHCP.

Product Information

UNMETERED.Direct/Cable/25   Penguin

We negotiate on a volume basis on behalf of our members to maintain and increase offering(s) throughout our regions served; we understand that not all solutions are the same and ensuring the subtle capabilities (like 'net neutrality') stay available for our members in our evolving economy is a part of our purpose

Consistent Performance by Design

Scalable regional partners provision uplink and last-mile cross-connect capacity to serve peak volume without hinderance, period * * If there is congestion, please notify our network team through any of the support methods for further investigation and remediation. Free congestion-related connection-type transfers!
By partnering with only industrial-grade carriers : data is handled from "last mile" providers by regional network partners at the highest priority

No Transfer Limit

UNMETERED GBs per Month means... Watch Videos, Play Online, Download Music and Upload Documents as much as you like. Even Off-Site Record CCTV! For us, this will never change : principles & value by name.

Net Neutrality

Many service providers filter and/or throttle the access you receive : our network partners do NOT by policy and principle!
  •   Websites (80,443)
  •   File Transfer Protocol (21)
  •   Mail Servers SMTP,POP3 (25,110)
  •   IRC Servers (6667)
  •   Microsoft SQL Servers (1433-1434)
  •   GRE Tunnels
Some join our network because they understand the long-term implications of what we're doing while others simply demand a great value for their loved ones
UNMETERED.IO delivers service over fixed speed physical and virtual ports : performance maintained by regional carrier service level agreement between service address and our network partners ; Internet routing partners maintain network capacity to allow for full port utilization to subscribed plan speed at any time (including evenings and weekends). Members and/or their on-site assistants are expected to have novice technical literacy to complete user-accessible device configuration.