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Product Information

  • Static IPs & Subnets assigned via L2TP
  • Inbound and outbound TCP & UDP ports are unfiltered by L2TP

Product Add-Ons (Optional)

  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address
  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address & /30 Routed Subnet
  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address & /29 Routed Subnet
UNMETERED.IO delivers fastest speeds available to your service address : performance maintained by regional carrier service level agreement between subscriber service address demarcation point and carrier access concentrator / headend / router ; regional routing partners maintain network capacity for enterprise / business-quality service standards. Members and/or their on-site assistants are expected to have novice technical literacy to complete user-accessible device configuration.
Internet Solutions

Once an order is placed, you'll typically receive a text or phone call from our support and/or provisioning team to affirm scheduling details if needed : we take care of scheduling an installer to visit your home or business and "test & tag" a line at your wiring box guaranteeing the service speed per our agreements

Self-Serve Checking & Ordering

Get your line scheduled for setup in a few clicks with our Availability Tool. Modems are ordered through UNMETERED.Shop or during the connectivity order process.

No Transfer Limit

UNMETERED GBs per Month means... Watch Videos, Play Online, Download Music and Upload Documents as much as you like. Even Off-Site Record CCTV! For us, this will never change : principles & value by name.

Unfiltered Ports

Host a server in your own home! Many ISPs will block ports. UNMETERED.IO does NOT!
  •   Websites (80,443)
  •   File Transfer Protocol (21)
  •   Mail Servers SMTP,POP3 (25,110)
  •   IRC Servers (6667)
  •   Microsoft SQL Servers (1433-1434)
  •   GRE Tunnels

Premium Service, Flat-Rate Price

Our broad solutions portfolio gives easy to access to unlimited high speed Internet-based services across multiple connection types.

UNMETERED : More than Unlimited

Fair policies, limit-less transfer allowances on hinder-free service : want to host a server or share with a neighbour? Go Right Ahead!

No Cancellation Penalty*

Want to be with your service provider, rather than be obligated to stay with anybody. UNMETERED.IO's commitment to freedom!
* Only UnmeteredFiber Enterprise Services Have Term Agreements / Contracts.
All services eligible for credit regardless service level agreement (SLA).

Hassle-Free Honourable Billing

No nickel-and-diming on little things means no charges on the essentials like carrier-dispatched technician for repair and more... We're focused on serving you as a member of our family, not just another line item on a 'balance sheet' : How It Should Be!
Clear and simple billing policies applied by considerate administrators.
What more could you need? Please don't hesitate to ask.
Engineered beyond residential standards to serve subscribers at full capacity any hour of the day
UNMETERED.IO orders a private tunnel between your location to exchange-connected networks rather than filtered Internet services from cable, telephone and other "last mile" companies